Consultancy services include:

• Analysis of evidence including ship’s documents, AIS, VDR and ECDIS databurningtanker3
• Advising on evidence and disclosure
• Preparing applications for specific disclosure
• Tracking and monitoring ship’s movements
• Calculating Limitation Funds according to jurisdiction
• Reviewing pleadings and assisting the legal team to marry together the technical and legal arguments
• Liaising with clients/lawyers regarding appointing and monitoring surveyors and experts
• Representing the client and providing technical input at settlement meetings, mediations, trials or arbitrations
• Providing general information to clients/lawyers/case handlers about ships, their systems and how they work
• Advising on the day-to day operation, management and chartering of ships, their construction and classification and the application of International Codes and Conventions
• Advising on crew manning and competence levels
• Advising on Safe navigation practice/Passage planning/Bridge procedures